Lending Consultancy

My lending consultancy services are designed to assist businesses with their financial borrowing needs, providing expert advice on all types of business finance. With a wealth of experience in helping businesses and individuals with loan repayments, acquiring finance to sustain growth and asset acquisition or dealing with debt recovery, I can ensure you’ll make decisions that are right for your business.  

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Fast business lending services

With substantial experience in offering business asset finance solutions and advising on different types of business loans as well as an in-depth understanding of the lending marketplace, I can help you deal with all your business lending needs.  

As a knowledgeable and trusted lending consultant expert, I can confidently assist with a wide range of business lending solutions, such as releasing equity tied up in assets, raising business finance for UK businesses, refinancing existing debt facilities, securing sole trader loans as well as providing general advice on capital raising. 

What are the benefits of enlisting the help of a lending consultant? 

Having provided business lending consultancy for numerous clients, I act as a single point of contact for all your commercial lending and planning needs. 

As an independent business lending broker, I operate independently, providing objective advice and working with you to identify the best possible course of action. 

I will gather all the information you require, dealing with legal and administration tasks and managing the process from start to finish, negotiating the best possible deal for you. 

Please get in touch with Michael Reed to find out more about how our lending consultancy services can benefit your business. 

What is business lending?

Business lending relates to business loans, how to obtain them, how to repay them, the different types of loan providers and everything related to the lending marketplace.  

What is a business loan? 

A business loan is an agreement between a lender and a business or individual, where the lender providers a certain amount of money and the business or individual gradually pays it back within a specific timeframe and with an agreed-upon amount of interest.  

How to apply for business loan 

How easy or difficult it will be to apply for a business loan will largely depend on the sum you would like to borrow and the reason you need a loan. It is important to work out how much debt you’ll be able to afford and ensure your business will be capable of paying back a loan. You should also determine whether you will be eligible for a business loan and consider your options when it comes to different types of loans and lenders. Enlisting the help of Michael Reed Wealth Management will help you avoid the stress of dealing with all these factors, allowing you to rely on a trusted lending consultant that can efficiently take care of all your needs.  

Who can access business finance?

Being able to access business finance depends on a variety of different factors. Businesses of all sizes can obtain loans if they play their cards right, which is why relying on lending consultants is key. 

How do I go about getting a small business loan? 

Being eligible for a small business loan can require a lot of research, in order to find the right opportunities and loan providers. The process of applying for a loan usually requires completing an application form and passing a credit check, which will establish whether your application has been successful. In order to maximise your chances of receiving a business loan, you should consider enlisting the help of a professional lending consultant. 

What do I need to know when getting a commercial loan?

A commercial loan is an arrangement between a lender and a business, but commercial finance works differently to small business loans. These can be used for a variety of purposes for commercial businesses, helping them achieve their long-term goals. Showing proof that you will be able to repay the lender is essential in securing the loan. Using financial statements, valuation of assets and a business plan may be of particular help when applying for a commercial loan. 

Are business loan repayments tax-deductible UK?

The capital element of business loan repayments is not tax-deductible. On the other hand, interest payments on business loans are. Generally, the interest that has accumulated overtime can be subtracted from your tax bill, so you’ll usually be able to save a significant percentage of the cost of the interest.  

What is the current interest rate on a commercial loan?

Interest rates will be entirely dependent on loan size and type of loan. The higher the amount of money borrowed, the higher the interest will be. With an in-depth knowledge of the market and relationships with the whole market of providers, Michael Reed Wealth Management can find the best possible loans for you depending on your circumstances and your requirements.