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Everyone is suitable for personal retirement planning, no matter whether you are employed, self-employed or out of work, everyone should build their pension fund as early as possible. As the tax on personal pensions can be staggering, it is important to prepare with a retirement planning specialist, who can advise you on the best way to draw your fund.

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Personal pensions are either independently organised or as part of a workplace pension scheme. Otherwise known as a defined contribution scheme, the premise of a personal pension is simple; you pay into a pension pot, managed by a pension provider. The benefits of different pension providers can vary, so it is important to find the most profitable personal pension plan for you - that is where I come in.  

I will suggest the perfect amount of income to put into your pension, considering your current expenses and expected standard of living when you retire. After discussing your personal level of risk and goals for retirement, I can advise you on the pension schemes which will produce the highest returns. With tax percentages being a source of confusion for many of my clients, you can also expect a better understanding of the entire process. 

Pensions are constantly evolving - in 2020, the state pension was increased by £6.58, to £175.18 a week. I strive to remain up to date with the latest policy and regulation changes so that you receive only the most relevant information. Pension pots are a haven for tax implications, as such, I can also advise you on the maximum amount you can save without being hit by heavy deductions.  


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