Complete Wealth Management Services | Leicester

The Problem

Steve, a local man from Leicester, required a complete solution that would cover his and his family’s wealth management needs. Being close to retirement, Steve felt overwhelmed by the contrasting information provided by friends and dissatisfied with the limited advice offered by his accountant and felt uncertain about his future after retirement.

A Complete Wealth Management Solution

Steve’s questions revolved around consolidating his pensions and investments, as well as generating tax savings. Michael took the time to fully explain the benefits of consolidating pensions in Steve’s case and how to do this in the best possible way.

Steve felt secure in the information provided by Michael, who advised his client on how to consolidate previous pensions and investments into a more manageable portfolio as well as providing tax-saving advice on his business.

As a result of Michael’s expert advice, Steve was able to find an arrangement that worked for him and his family, allowing him to confidently proceed with his retirement plans.