Cost-effective Retirement Planning | Lichfield

The Circumstances   

Paul, a local man from Lichfield, approached Michael because he wasn’t satisfied with the limited advice he had been given by his previous IFA firm, and needed more reliable guidance. He felt secure in the knowledge that Michael Reed was qualified to a chartered level, and that he had dealt with clients that had been in similar circumstances. 

An Efficient Pension Arrangement

Michael fully reviewed Paul’s current pension arrangements, identifying potential limitations and future problems for his client. He advised Paul on how to invest more efficiently and offered solutions that his previous adviser hadn’t considered.

Michael reviewed two of Paul’s old company pension schemes and explained the benefits and the potential disadvantages of transferring them into Paul’s new scheme, something that had been brushed over by Paul’s previous adviser.

Paul made a number of changes to his pension arrangements following Michael’s recommendations. This included making some smaller tactical investments as part of his overall pension planning, which were fully explored by Michael beforehand and explained to Paul in detail to ensure he was fully aware of any potential risks.

Michael also helped set up a pension for Paul’s wife, as well as arranging a variety of charging structures that were designed to meet his requirements.

Complete Satisfaction and Security

Michael Reed’s approach made Paul feel comfortable through the entire process due to his in-depth knowledge of the financial landscape and the time he took to understand his client's personal position and desired outcomes, ultimately providing advice that fully reflected these criteria.