Secure Retirement Planning Solutions | Southend

Complicated pension situation

Martin, a local man from Southend, was beginning to think about retirement planning when Michael first approached him. He had a fairly complicated pension situation, being part of two different salary schemes from prior employment within the financial sector as well as a hybrid arrangement. Due to some changes in Martin’s personal and family circumstances, he also needed to be able to rely on a pension pot that could be accessible should he have insufficient income.

A bespoke pension solution

After exploring Martin’s situation in detail, Michael advised his client to leave one final salary scheme as a safety net of guaranteed income, which would enable the potential compliance challenges inherent in pension transfers to be easily argued.

This raised sufficient cash to enable Martin’s parents to be relocated, also leaving him with a cash savings pot sufficient to cover his household expenditure for a comfortable period, as well as being able to clear his mortgage and car finance.

Due to the complicated nature of the legislation surrounding the area the next steps had to be handed over to a third party. In spite of the company’s lack of efficiency, Michael remained tenacious and relentless in ensuring his client could ultimately achieve his goals, keeping Martin informed every step of the way.

A personable and secure approach to finances

Michael took a long amount of time to really understand Martin’s issues and help him clearly set out his thoughts regarding pensions. Michael provided appropriate and unbiased advice, motivated by ensuring the right outcome for his client and ensured the third parties used could be relied upon.